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 Get your tracks mixed by Delta Roots Records



Do you have recorded tracks that could benefit from a professional audio engineer with over 35 years experience? 

We have now opened our new Neve 5088 mix room to outside mixing jobs. 

Just send us your tracks and let us do the rest.

We have one of the finest collections of world class vintage and new recording gear available for hybrid mixing using both protools and the iconic Neve 5088 console. 


We don't post our rates here for one a simple reason. 

We don't want to over charge you! Also  we don't want to under estimate the time it will take to mix your project either. If you have only 2 or 3 individual instrument tracks the price will be far less than if you want us to mix 100 instrument tracks. Also taken into consideration is if any tracks need to be tuned or pulled into time. 

I also want to be sure that your tracks are appropriate to my musical expertise. I mainly specialize in any kind of roots music, blues, soul, funk, country, music with real people playing real instruments. Obviously RAP, EDM, midi based tracks and Heavy Metal are totally out of my realm of mixablity, there are people that can do this far better than i can.  

Please contact us at to discuss your mixing needs, so we can better evaluate the time it will take to finish your mixes. 



Neve 5088 – 32ch.



Apollo 16 converters (x2)

Burl B2 A/D & D/A



Focal 6.5 focus

Yamaha NS-10m

Avantone Mix cubes




Eventide 2016

Klark Teknik DN-780

Lexicon PCM90

Fairchild 658 (spring)

AKG BX5 (spring)

Furman RV-1 (spring)


Lexicon 200

Lexicon 300

TC Electronic M5000

TC Electronic M2000

EMT 140st plate reverb



TC Electronics D-Two

Lexicon 92

Lexicon 93

Phillips EL-6911


Spectra Sonic 610's (2)

Gates Sta-Level

Valley People Dynamite (2 ch)

Calrec DL1656 (4 ch)

LA2a clone (3)

Alan Smart (2 ch)

DBX 160 (2ch)

DBX 162

DBX 165a

DBX 160x (3)

Gates SA-39b

Anamod 670 

Hairball Audio 1176

Urei 1176

Manley El-Op (2 ch)

Retro 176

Federal AM-864/U limiter

Ashley SC-50 (2)

Altec 438a (2)

Altec 436b

Altec 436c


Emperical Labs Distressor (2)

CBS 410 limiter

Cranesong STC-8

Neve 5043 (8 ch)

Neve 5254

Dbx 903 x2

Aphex Expressor 651



Pultec EQH-2 (2)

Pultec HLP-3c

Pultec EQP-1a3 clone

Cinema Engineering 4031-B (2)

Cinema Engineering 6517E

Pultec EQP-1a

EQ cont. 

Sphere 920 (2)


Urei Little Dipper

Altec 6067b

Trident Series 80b


Maag EQ4

Kush Elektra

Lindell PEX-500

Telefunken W395 x2

Lang PEQ-2


Quad Eight MM61 (4)

Daking EQ/pre

Altec 9018a

Melcor EQ 20-1 (2)

White model 4400

Heritage HA-73EQ

Tonelux EQ5p

API 560

Pope Audio Bax 2020 x2

Meyer CP-10



Dolby 361

DBX 904 (4)

DBX 902 x 2

Aphex 204

Radial extc

SPL Transient designer

DBX 520 de-esser

Hughes and Kettner Bluesmaster

UA Dream '65 amp simulator

1965 Fender spring reverb unit


Kemper profiler

SSL Fusion

Universal Audio Ox Box

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