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Coming soon a new CD by Gerald McClendon

Official Release Date

June 7th

"Twist opens an intriguing door to the legacy of, primarily-Chicago, blues from the latter half of the 20th century. It’s a wealth of personal anecdotes from inside the scene by Twist, as he lived it with his fellow musicians and others he encountered along the way. That scene included just about every location, venue, and person that could be connected with it, whether famous, obscure, or nameless, which makes this an invaluable blues artifact that thankfully Twist took the time and care to document. For good reason, Twist doesn’t dwell on any one person, place, or time, but nevertheless covers all the possible ground he could share from so many years, in well-written and entertaining detail. Worthy of print in hard-copy, and although any photographs from Twist might be welcomed, his narrative effectively allows the reader to create their own images. Very insightful and highly-recommended!"

Amazon customer Stephen's 5 star review

The road stories of broken-down cars, con-men club managers, scarce food, freezing Midwest temperatures, and dishonest band leaders make the road stories some of the most interesting in the book.

Jennifer Zogott - Blues Music Magazine

BTW, you were completely wrong. Your book is NOT a quick read. After every chapter I finish, I have to put it down and spend an hour wandering around in shock, laughing like a bat-crazy fool at the stories I just read, unavoidably re-picturing what you described and lived through. It’s happily taking me forever to get through.

Pete Griffith - Satisfied customer


"I am excited because I have just heard some of the best blues/soul in the last 20 years.. 
All I can say is WOW!"

"......the single best southern soul blues record so far this year."


"....the addition of real musicians and Z.Z.'s smokey vocals makes this release one of the year's best."
Dave Moskal - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

"......definitely more Southern soul-blues than you can easily control."
Gary von Tersch - Big City Blues magazine


"Highly recommended for any lover of soul/blues, horns, and the golden days of Malaco."
Alan Shutro Blues Bytes Nov. 2007


"Hill, along with acclaimed drummer, writer and producer Twist Turner completely floors the competition with the horn-drenched, groovtastic album that recalls the golden days of Malaco Records...........The album leaves you wanting for more. I can't put into words how thrilled and exciting it was to hear this album and
I consider essential to any blues, soul, and classic R&B fans out there." 

Ben Cox 

2022 BMA Nominated!

This was such a pleasure to listen to and review. Twist Turner has spun his magic again and brought out the absolute best in Gerald McClendon. What a beautiful, soul soaked collection of songs that elevate Mr McClendon to the heights of the Soul/RnB/Blues tradition. He may have “borrowed” old school tradition, but he has created his own mark and distinction on this outstanding album. Those impeccable vocals, the lush production and the superb musicianship of all involved, the great songwriting make this album a standout for all to listen to.

David Roman......Sydney Austrailia

This release has just the right amount of R&B, soul and blues to give everybody what they want. Very nice.

McClendon, smart enough to not mess with a winning formula, again teamed up with the renowned producer, drummer, and songwriter Twist Turner (worked with 40 Grammy winners/nominees) to record at Delta Roots Sound Studios in the heart of Chicago. The duo employed a team of elite session men that included Johnny B. Gayden, Art Love, Dave Forte, and Harlan Terson on bass, four guitarists – Melvin Taylor, Rico McFarland, Rusty Zinn, and Joe Burba, and four keyboardists, Jim Pugh, Tony Llorens, Sumito Aryioshi and Brian James, along with Skinny Williams and John “Boom” Brumbach on saxophone, and the Delta Roots horns. Turner did string arrangements on two tracks and played drums throughout, having penned all dozen songs.


..........this masterful album is a work of art 

If you like your blues injected with some real soul, then this album will be right up your alley.

JON SEYMOUR, Blues Matters Magazine UK

McClendon and company spare no expense at keeping the songs tight and tasty from track to track. Sweet.

Doug Sloan, Metronome Magazine

It is futile to try and divide this material into blues or soul. It is probably more accurate to point out that Gerald does both extremely well, and the end result is best simply described as excellent music. 

Norman Darwen, Blues & Rhythm UK

Maybe it shouldn’t matter whether this material finds widespread acclaim, but it’s just too satisfying to remain in the shadows. Chicago, here’s your blues with a different twist.

Jeff Johnson, Chicago Blues Guide

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