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"Twist opens an intriguing door to the legacy of, primarily-Chicago, blues from the latter half of the 20th century. It’s a wealth of personal anecdotes from inside the scene by Twist, as he lived it with his fellow musicians and others he encountered along the way. That scene included just about every location, venue, and person that could be connected with it, whether famous, obscure, or nameless, which makes this an invaluable blues artifact that thankfully Twist took the time and care to document. For good reason, Twist doesn’t dwell on any one person, place, or time, but nevertheless covers all the possible ground he could share from so many years, in well-written and entertaining detail. Worthy of print in hard-copy, and although any photographs from Twist might be welcomed, his narrative effectively allows the reader to create their own images. Very insightful and highly-recommended!"

Amazon customer Stephen's 5 star review

The road stories of broken-down cars, con-men club managers, scarce food, freezing Midwest temperatures, and dishonest band leaders make the road stories some of the most interesting in the book.

Jennifer Zogott - Blues Music Magazine

BTW, you were completely wrong. Your book is NOT a quick read. After every chapter I finish, I have to put it down and spend an hour wandering around in shock, laughing like a bat-crazy fool at the stories I just read, unavoidably re-picturing what you described and lived through. It’s happily taking me forever to get through.

Pete Griffith - Satisfied customer


"I am excited because I have just heard some of the best blues/soul in the last 20 years.. 
All I can say is WOW!"

"......the single best southern soul blues record so far this year."


"....the addition of real musicians and Z.Z.'s smokey vocals makes this release one of the year's best."
Dave Moskal - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

"......definitely more Southern soul-blues than you can easily control."
Gary von Tersch - Big City Blues magazine


"Highly recommended for any lover of soul/blues, horns, and the golden days of Malaco."
Alan Shutro Blues Bytes Nov. 2007


"Hill, along with acclaimed drummer, writer and producer Twist Turner completely floors the competition with the horn-drenched, groovtastic album that recalls the golden days of Malaco Records...........The album leaves you wanting for more. I can't put into words how thrilled and exciting it was to hear this album and
I consider essential to any blues, soul, and classic R&B fans out there." 

Ben Cox 


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Battle of the Blues


Chicago vs Oakland

Soulful Blues from 





Tracks recorded in both Chicago and the Bay Area of some of the best soulful blues artists you will ever hear. 

Artists include - 

Mz Su Mac

Aldwin London

Nat Bolden

Freddie Roulette 

Country Pete McGill

Emery Williams Jr

James Newman

Del Brown

Gerald McClendon

Drummer and producer Twist Turner began recording this project 5 years ago while living in the bay area. It was intended to be all Bay Area artists but unfortunately Twist had to cut his Bay Area stay short due to being diagnosed with kidney cancer. We are happy to report he is now 100% cancer free and we will fill out the remainder of the cd with previously unissued tracks by the late great Emery Williams Jr and former Magic Sam bassist James Newman, and Mr. Excitement Del Brown.